Exclusive Free Plugin: Diskpiano

Diskpiano is a piano plugin instrument featuring the recordings of a Yamaha MX100II Disklavier provided by little-scale (license free and restriction free). All the notes from the Disklavier have been sampled at 2 velocity ranges, making it a small but full of personality piano plugin.



To install Diskpiano on Windows, copy the Diskpiano.dll and Diskpiano.instruments in your VST plugin folder and refresh your plugin list or restart your DAW. The process is the same for the VST3 version of the plugin.

To install Diskpiano VST/VST3 plugin on macOS, copy Diskpiano.vst in this folder and restart your Mac:


To install Diskpiano AU on macOS, copy Diskpiano.component in this folder and restart your Mac:



Standard version: the standard version has a natural slow attack.

Diskpiano macOS x64 AU
Diskpiano macOS x64 VST
Diskpiano macOS x64 VST3
Diskpiano Win x64 VST
Diskpiano Win x64 VST3
Diskpiano Win x86 VST

Alternate version: the alternate version doesn't have the slow attack of the standard version and is tighter sounding.

Diskpiano Alternate macOS x64 AU
Diskpiano Alternate macOS x64 VST
Diskpiano Alternate macOS x64 VST3
Diskpiano Alternate Win x64 VST
Diskpiano Alternate Win x64 VST3
Diskpiano Alternate Win x86 VST


If you would like to support the development of Diskpiano and the blog at the same time, you can donate via Gumroad.

Diskpiano has been tested on Windows 10 in FL Studio 20, Ableton Live and Reaper. It has also been tested on macOS on Reaper, Ableton Live and Reaper.